As the month of May ends, ZENZO is now making a big shift to focus more in the realm of indie games. With this new pivot, much of the recent development with the ZENZO Forge will be shared with indie game developers looking to experiment more with the benefits of blockchain, as well as player-owned assets. By refining the integration of necessary blockchain components, game developers will be able to simply apply the technology and tools where they want to, to best fit their strategy. This by no means limits the technology to solely indie games or even just games…

Auction Period: Sunday May 16th — Sunday May 23rd
Event Location: ZENZO Discord (Voice Channel)
Event Time: Sunday, May 23, 2021
- 1 pm CST (USA)
- 7 pm BST (UK)

Overview of Event

This event was organized on behalf of PIVX, ZENZO, and Strontium in order to create a fun way for the community to own pieces of both PIVX and ZENZO history. All proceeds generated will be divided equally to support both projects’ development and the artist Strontium. The official auction(s) will last for 1 week, where anyone can place official bids in the ZENZO Discord (#zfi-marketplace). …

This month, ZENZO managed to accomplish quite a wide range of development in different areas. With the progression of ZENZO’s core technology, the process of adoption and seamless integration has become much easier for both developers and the average individual. At the moment, ZENZO is focused on the next major release, which is the ZENZO Web Wallet. This will offer a simple “click to create” ZNZ Wallet on any web browser and also on mobile devices.

Additional important updates and events for April include: improving UX/UI of the ZENZO Web Wallet, partnership with Ammobox Studios, ZENZO Chan Art Contest, planning…

🌸 ZENZO Chan Art Contest “Spring Theme”🌸

ZENZO Chan “Spring Theme” Art Contest will be held to commemorate the emergence of a new year!

*Contest Deadline Extended to June 21, 2021

All participants will receive a participation prize of 10 ZNZ!

【Theme Title】
“ZENZO Chan’s Spring”

Submission Period
- April 24, 2021 0:00 to June 21, 2021 24:00 (Japan time)

Submission Requirements
- Follow ZENZO Ecosystem on Twitter
- Submit Art on Twitter, Tagging @zenzo_ecosystem
- Use hashtags #ZENZOChanArt and $ZNZ

Work that can be submitted
- Illustrations of ZENZO Chan, ZENZO’s official mascot.
- You can apply for multiple works, but only 1 piece can rank to be…

Overview of Partnership

Ammobox Studios and ZENZO have been good friends for well over a year, since before Jeremy Choo, Founder of Ammobox Studios appeared as a guest on The Checkpoint: Level 6. The goal of this partnership is to help indie game developers reach a broader audience of players by tapping into the metaverse. With this initiative, Ammobox Studios will be accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method for both copies of Eximius: Seize the Frontline and their in-game currency ($) that can be used to purchase Eximius Battle Packs.

2021 is kicking off to an incredible start! Within the past month, ZENZO has officially released some major breakthroughs for blockchain gaming, including the first NFT Standard (ZFI-1) within the ZENZO Ecosystem. Since the release of the ZENZO Forge, there are now over 100 profiles on the network and growing daily. Other developers, projects, and ecosystems have been able to experiment with this technology — bringing adoption and accessibility that much closer into reality.

Additional important updates and events for March include: further development of the official ZFI Explorer (public explorer to track ZENZO NFTs and profiles), polishing of the…

Over the past few years, the non-fungible token (NFT) culture has grown exponentially. Demand continues to increase as there are more utilities and purposes being created for these unique, non-divisible tokens. NFTs popularity has been increasing specifically in the blockchain gaming industry. Allowing players to truly own their game assets that they earn in-game, buy from the game itself, or trade on peer-to-peer markets has given players what they have always dreamed of — making a living doing what you love.

What is StackofStake?

StackofStake is a custodial platform that offers staking and masternode investment features. Their goal is to simplify the process for users to be able to earn passive rewards with their investments — giving users the benefits of staking and masternode rewards, without having to understand all of the technical aspects. The platform has been around since 2018 and is also a part of the SCRIV Network, which is an ecosystem that provides cryptocurrency investment tools.

During the month of February, ZENZO celebrated its 3 year anniversary, which officially marks 3 years since the birth of the project. The ZENZO Team would like to take a brief moment to thank every single person, project, and team that has supported the growth of the ecosystem.

Recent updates for last month include: ZENZO Forge + KOTA Demo testing and improvements, starting development on a ZFI explorer (NFT database), ZENZO Chan (Discord Bot) command additions (KOTA + Forge), news of a ZENZO Web3 Wallet (Kamoshika), guides and listings on third-party platforms that include Flits and StackofStake. Currently, the team…

Cryptocurrency Swap Feature on Flits App


Thanks to recent features on the Flits App, users are now able to swap cryptocurrencies directly from the mobile application. This application is available on both the Google Play Store (Android) and the iTunes App Store (iOS). Flits is a non-custodial wallet that also provides a handful of services including: masternode hosting, gift card purchasing(Steam, Amazon, Spotify, Xbox, etc.), and swaps.

This guide was created solely for informational purposes and intended for those that may be of interest in these features and functionalities. …

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