Alliance: ZENZO & St. Ledger Marketing

Overview of Alliance

ZENZO is happy to help support the launching and rebranding of a new marketing agency, who has been assisting with ZENZO’s growth for over a year. ZENZO Ecosystem and St. Ledger Marketing (SLM) have allied up in order to mutually push for the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Specifically, for this initiative, both projects are focused in the realm of blockchain gaming and will not only be working to onboard those already familiar with blockchain gaming, but also to educate and welcome traditional gamers. This alliance will also be developing organic opportunities to involve and engage community through different types of events.

What is St. Ledger Marketing?

St. Ledger Marketing is a family-run business, whose focus is to bridge the gap between blockchain and general marketing, concentrating on sustainable marketing for long-term growth. St. Ledger Marketing, previously known as Crypto Ants Marketing, has been working with other blockchain projects since 2018. They have developed a positive reputation through their marketing efforts, as well as their overall character and work ethic.

“Our outlook is that if you fail, we fail, so we only succeed when you succeed. We are here to support you and assist you to go from strength to strength. Our Small dynamic team aims to build a strong working relationship with our clients. Our team’s experience is divided into two key areas: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, and local marketing, the diversity in our team complement each project we work with. We are customer-focused and want to help you achieve your goals and targets. We are a very friendly and approachable team that can help guide your marketing journey. Why not get in touch with our friendly team today? We would be delighted to talk you through your options and how we can help you.”

Wayne St. Ledger, Co-Founder St. Ledger Marketing

Visit to learn more.

Alliance Giveaway

To celebrate this new alliance, both projects will be giving away 500 ZNZ and $50 worth of BTC. This giveaway will be announced from the official ZENZO Twitter, here. This giveaway will last for 2 weeks and 2 lucky winners will receive 500 ZNZ or $50 worth of BTC. Good Luck!

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