Beginner’s Guide: ZENZO Core, Forge & KOTA Demo


Welcome to the absolute beginner’s guide for installing ZENZO Core, ZENZO Forge, and the KOTA Demo. ZENZO Core is the wallet that allows you to connect to the blockchain, safely store your cryptocurrency (ZENZO Coin — ZNZ), and more. The ZENZO Forge allows for you to create, receive, transfer, and smelt your own ZENZO NFTs called ZFIs (ZENZO Forge Items). Lastly, KOTA is the first official game from ZENZO that utilizes ZFIs and gives players more power over their gameplay and assets.

Part 1: ZENZO Core Wallet Installation ⛓️👛

How to install the ZENZO Core Wallet (ZNZ)

Download and install the file for your appropriate operating system
Click More info
Click Run anyway
Select the language you wish your wallet to use
Wait for the wallet to fully synchronize
Hover over this icon to display progress
This shows current block count, as well as an estimated time for completion
To confirm you are on the right Block Height, use the Block Explorer.
Home screen of the ZENZO Core Wallet (Windows)
Example password / passphrase

🎉 Congratulations, ZENZO Core Wallet is setup!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Part 2: Install the ZENZO Forge🔥⚒️

Download the ZENZO Forge ->

Creating a ZENZO Forge Profile

*You must have 10 ZNZ in your wallet, as a requirement to make a ZENZO Forge Profile. Please note that it locks this amount in your wallet and you can smelt your profile to receive your ZNZ back (minus the blockchain fee: ~0.001 ZNZ). You are not losing your ZNZ or paying ZENZO.

Creating a ZENZO Forge Item (ZFI)

*ZENZO Forge Items, like a ZENZO Forge Profile currently require ZNZ to craft or make. the minimum amount of ZNZ required to craft a ZFI is 0.01 ZNZ. These ZFIs are ZENZO’s own NFT Standard that are inherently unique and allow for users to back their items with a ZNZ value that are transferable, smeltable (destroy to receive the ZNZ-backed value), and useable in different games, platforms, and more!

Smelting a ZFI

*Smelting is a way to permanently destroy a ZFI. There is no way to recover the original item once it has been smelted. Upon smelting, you will instantly receive the ZNZ-backed value in your ZENZO Core Wallet. Just like a blacksmith would smelt something down to its core resources, smelting in the ZENZO Forge works the same way.

Transferring a ZFI (to another user)

*Transferring ZFIs means completely handing over 100% ownership of the item. Once you transfer an asset, there is no going back. Once the ZFI is sent, there is no way to cancel or receive it back, unless the receiving party sends it back to you.

Having problems?

Make sure to check out our ZENZO Forge Troubleshooting FAQ

BONUS: Want to play KOTA?💀

KOTA (King of the Apocalypse) is ZENZO’s first blockchain game that utilizes ZFIs to enhance the player’s gameplay experience and give true asset ownership. KOTA is currently available in the demo stages, but you can learn more about the Early Access Release, as well as more about the game on the website.

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