Beginner’s Guide: ZENZO Core, Forge & KOTA Demo


Part 1: ZENZO Core Wallet Installation ⛓️👛

Download and install the file for your appropriate operating system
Click More info
Click Run anyway
Select the language you wish your wallet to use
Wait for the wallet to fully synchronize
Hover over this icon to display progress
This shows current block count, as well as an estimated time for completion
To confirm you are on the right Block Height, use the Block Explorer.
Home screen of the ZENZO Core Wallet (Windows)
Example password / passphrase

🎉 Congratulations, ZENZO Core Wallet is setup!

Part 2: Install the ZENZO Forge🔥⚒️

Creating a ZENZO Forge Profile

Creating a ZENZO Forge Item (ZFI)

Smelting a ZFI

Transferring a ZFI (to another user)

Having problems?

BONUS: Want to play KOTA?💀

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