Decentralized Version Manager (DVM) — QT Wallet Innovation

ZENZO Core Wallet v.1.2.1 Development Feature Highlight

Before we get into what a DVM is, we should first be asking the question “Why do QT wallets not already have a built-in updater, to automatically sync with the latest version?”. Anyone that has used QT wallets knows that they are often buggy and feel antiquated. Not to mention, you are always having to manually update to the latest version and it can be a pain. Thanks to our latest feature, DVM, you are now notified within the local wallet when there is a newer version of the wallet available. Also, you can automatically update your wallet by clicking the button that pops up. How easy is that?

Previous Version (v.1.0.0) of the ZENZO Core Wallet GUI — DVM Feature
Local Wallet Debug Console Command — getdvmstatus

Here is a deeper look at the creator’s vision behind the DVM feature...

“During the 10+ years of cryptocurrency wallet innovations, there has always been one floating problem with wallets…

Users must keep an active eye on social media, news outlets, GitHub, and websites. In case an update releases for a wallet, this can be a frustrating process, especially for new users in the cryptosphere. When it comes to notifications, messages, etc. within wallets, the equation of security always comes in mind. Hence, Bitcoin eventually depreciated its global message / notification system due to worries of creating a central point of failure within that very feature. Which means allowing one single user to control a specific part of the network, however large that may be.

One way of solving this issue is to think in a truly decentralized fashion… meet the ZENZO DVM.

The DVM is a peer-to-peer version manager and update tracker, custom-built for ZENZO-Core. This is a hardcoded network algorithm that tracks all connected peers of a node, collects their client versions and measures the percentage of nodes that are higher than, matching, or lower than the node’s own version.

This system can notify the user of a new update release via the local wallet QT GUI with minimal risk of the update notification being hijacked or manipulated by an outside attacker or middle-man.

The ZENZO DVM will start operating at a 25% consensus requirement. This means at least 25% of connected peers must be a higher version than your node to trigger the update process.

Updates are completely optional and can be ignored at the will of the user. However, we will always recommend to update whenever available, due to the improvements and additions new releases have to offer.

Upgrades and updates beyond v1.2.0 are guaranteed to be much easier to use than any other QT-based cryptocurrency currently.”

~ Written by JSKitty (ZENZO Project Maintainer & Core Developer)

The ZENZO Chan Discord Bot has also been integrated with the DVM, where you can now check the status of the different peer versions inside of the ZENZO Discord Server. In order to check on the Discord, go to the #bots channel and type the command…


*See the official Release Notes of the DVM, featured on the ZENZO Core Repository on GitHub.

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