Decentralized Version Manager (DVM) — QT Wallet Innovation

What is a Decentralized Version Manager (DVM)?

Before we get into what a DVM is, we should first be asking the question “Why do QT wallets not already have a built-in updater, to automatically sync with the latest version?”. Anyone that has used QT wallets knows that they are often buggy and feel antiquated. Not to mention, you are always having to manually update to the latest version and it can be a pain. Thanks to our latest feature, DVM, you are now notified within the local wallet when there is a newer version of the wallet available. Also, you can automatically update your wallet by clicking the button that pops up. How easy is that?

Previous Version (v.1.0.0) of the ZENZO Core Wallet GUI — DVM Feature
Local Wallet Debug Console Command — getdvmstatus

How does it work?

DVM — Discord Integration

The ZENZO Chan Discord Bot has also been integrated with the DVM, where you can now check the status of the different peer versions inside of the ZENZO Discord Server. In order to check on the Discord, go to the #bots channel and type the command…



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