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4 min readNov 28, 2019

A new e-series called “The Checkpoint” officially launched on November 16th, 2019, where ZENZO provides discussions and open conversation around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming. Along with these innovative and pioneering subjects, ZENZO is also showcasing its own technology along with highlighting other respectable projects and games within the space. Furthermore, checkpoints just wouldn’t be as much fun if there weren’t rewards and prizes, right? That’s well covered, too…

John M. ( discussing about PIVX, cryptocurrency, and privacy during a Marbles game (left) The Checkpoint Trending #4 on (right)

The Checkpoint 01: Recap

Crypto, Blockchain, and Gaming

On November 16th, 2019 the event opened up with both Tendo and Manny (ZENZO Core Team) with a match of Overwatch discussing some of the latest games coming out and blah blah. After a brief introduction, they shared about what The Checkpoint is all about and what viewers and participants could expect from the first event. Shortly after, Tendo was joined by John M. of PIVX. PIVX has been viewed as a prominent privacy cryptocurrency over the past few years and also an official ally of ZENZO. John went more in-depth into PIVX and the importance of privacy.

ZENZO Forge Tech Demo (KOTA)

ZENZO Forge Tech Demo (KOTA: King of the Apocalypse)

November 16th was the first day that the ZENZO Forge Tech Demo was shared publicly. Months of hard work have gone into creating a decentralized application on the ZENZO Blockchain that will allow for players and game developers to create in-game assets backed by the blockchain and a ZNZ value. In a sense, these items can be viewed very similarly to Ethereum’s NFTs, though not the same. KOTA (King of the Apocalypse) is an apocalyptic survival-based game that ZENZO has been working on and intends to open up much of the creative direction to the community. The intentions behind this were to be able to showcase how players can craft and smelt items in-game that is linked with their ZNZ wallets. Follow development updates and releases on the ZENZO GitHub.

Giveaway Graphics that were given out during The Checkpoint

Streaming & Giveaways

The Checkpoint (01) was the first major streaming event from ZENZO and the first official stream by ZENZO on DLive. The event was live streamed from Twitch, DLive, and Periscope. At one point, the stream was ranked #4 Trending on DLive.

Shortly into The Checkpoint, Tendo started the Marbles giveaways, where anyone had a fair opportunity to win both cryptocurrencies, ZNZ and PIVX. Marbles on Stream (available on Twitch) is an interactive random numbers generator game that allows anyone to join with the !play command and see whose marbles survive the obstacles and win. ZENZO also hosts Marble Madness Mondays, which is open to anyone to play and win some ZNZ.

In total, there were 15 Marbles races and over 125 winners! This means more than 125 people got to win ZNZ and PIVX. During the 3 hours that The Checkpoint was live, every hour a random winner was chosen for the following prizes: Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Knight.

Future Checkpoint Events

Currently, ZENZO is already planning for The Checkpoint 02 that will occur around mid-December. Viewers and participants can expect other co-hosts and guests for future events that are from different projects and games. ZENZO is always open to any suggestions from the community of people you would like to see on at The Checkpoint. Be sure to follow the official ZENZO social medias in order to keep up to date with the latest news, announcements, and events (listed at the bottom of the article).

What can I expect at The Checkpoint?

  • Learning about new games, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain projects
  • Meeting founders, teams, and developers from games
  • Learning about ZENZO and its benefits
  • Exclusive ZENZO Releases (Apps, Games, & More)
  • Epic Giveaways (Cryptocurrency, Games, Gaming Products, Merch)

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