ZENZO Chan — Discord Bot (Development Update)

Recently, ZENZO Ecosystem has released ZENZO Chan, which is the well-known face associated with ZENZO. ZENZO Chan is a free, support bot that has a long list of features and functionalities to help members in the ZENZO Ecosystem. Her current services include providing ZENZO Discord members with ZNZ wallets, withdrawing and depositing ZNZ to and from the Discord ZNZ wallet, tipping (public & private) via Discord & Twitter, accepting administrative developer donations, Keystroke Samurai (Discord Mini-Game), GIN-Based Masternode Hosting, and more being developed.

For any questions on how to use the ZENZO Chan bot, feel free to reference the guide below and if there are areas where you do not understand, you can join the ZENZO Discord, where the team and community can help you. Enjoy!

Essential Wallet Commands (Discord)

Command for checking your ZNZ Account Balance.
Command for tipping a ZENZO Discord Member (Public)
Command for tipping a ZENZO Discord Member (Private)
Command for withdrawing ZNZ to another ZNZ Address
Command for tipping the ZENZO Bot Developer

Twitter Commands

Command for linking your Discord account with Twitter account

Utility Commands

Command for checking the latest block for the ZENZO (ZNZ) Blockchain
Command for checking how many ZNZ Masternodes are active
Command for checking a transaction ID (Tx-ID)
Command for checking ZENZO Chan’s Balance

Gaming Commands


Attacks a samurai within the chat. If no samurai is present, the game will notify you. If a samurai is present, you defeat the samurai and earn 5 ZNZ towards your ZNZ Discord balance.

Command for playing the ZENZO Mini Game (3 at random, per day)

zchallenge @username

Challenges a ZENZO Discord Member to a Challenge (Samurai Duel) at no cost or wager required (free).

Command for challenging an opponent to a Challenge (Samurai Duel).

zattack number(1–10)

Attacks a member within a Challenge (Samurai Duel). The number is between 1–10 randomly and is announced by the game at the end of the challenge timer.

Command for attacking your opponent (random number 1–10).

zchallenge @username amount

Challenges a ZENZO Discord Member to a Challenge (Samurai Duel) with a set bet, both users deposit the amount, and whoever wins earns the total pot funded by both users.

Command for challenging an opponent to a Challenge (Samurai Duel) with a wager (ZNZ).

Masternode Commands (GIN Platform Integrations)

Command for checking the native currency (ZNZ) statistics on GIN Platform
Command for checking all of your active ZNZ Masternodes hosted on GIN through ZENZO Chan.

Special thanks to Kitty for developing the ZENZO Chan bot and constantly expanding upon her features to improve everyone’s experience in the ZENZO Ecosystem. Thank you to しーまいーま, who is the artist and illustrator that created the ZENZO Chan character. Feel free to join the ZENZO Discord and show your appreciation by tipping both of these amazing people, if you love what they have created.

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