ZENZO Core v1.3.0 Wallet Release

*Warning: Only download the ZENZO Wallet from the ZENZO Ecosystem GitHub or Zenzo.io. For security purposes, never download the ZENZO wallet from 3rd party services or links. Mac version has not yet been released.


On 11/11/2019, the ZENZO Core v1.3.0 Wallet was released on GitHub for the public. Version 1.3.0 is a non-mandatory download, but it is highly encouraged for current users to update. This version of the wallet, compared to the previous (v1.2.1), has had a major overhaul of unique and simplified features added. Overall, this release was intended purely to improve user experience for all parties — both veteran users and new users, but the primary focus is on simplifying the experience for users that are new to cryptocurrency.

ZENZO has seen a steady increase of new users downloading and installing the wallet, many of which shared that this is their first cryptocurrency. Taking this into immediate consideration, the ZENZO Team decided to put a priority on this release. Not only is v1.3.0 much more simple to use, it also is less demanding on your system and device. Much of the codebase has been cleaned and consolidated to help it run much more smoothly and with less room for error.

Frontend Improvements

A large majority of v1.3.0’s updates include a new and improved user experience, along with changes to the graphical user interface. For starters, HD Wallets are now enabled by default.

What is an HD Wallet?

A Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet, often referred to as a HD wallet, is a digital wallet that automatically creates a series of private and public keys, instead of it being the user’s responsibility to generate them.

The ZENZO HD Wallet uses a series of 24 mnemonic seed phrases for the user to write down and store somewhere safe or remember them by heart.

The reason behind creating an HD wallet with mnemonic seed phrases is simply because it is a better method for your average person, without having to compromise security. Unlike HD wallets, the traditional wallet type uses a wallet.dat file by default and forces the user to obtain their private key by accessing the debug console to type dumprivkey. As new readers can already see… it’s doable, but not simple and practical for your average person. Quite often with non-HD wallets, the wallet.dat file can get corrupted and many users end up not being able to salvage it and ultimately lose their funds. Now, you can simply store your mnemonic seed phrases and anytime you want to migrate your wallet, download on a new device, or your wallet gets corrupt you can easily import your seed phrases to regain full access to your funds.

Also, please note that if you wish to utilize the mnemonic seed phrases, previous users of the ZENZO Core Wallets will need to create a new wallet with a new set of mnemonic seed phrases and transfer your ZNZ from your other wallet and addresses to the newly created HD wallet. The HD wallet features and previous versions are not compatible and do not transfer over automatically, as it can only be done manually. If you wish to run the new v1.3.0 version of the wallet and use the traditional method of backing up your wallet.dat file and private key, you will encounter no issues in doing so.

GitHub Commits

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Default HD Wallets

Fully Removed Zerocoin from General Codebase

Added GUI Checkbox For Update Notifications

Automatic GUI Troubleshooter for Corrupt Databases

Full GUI Masternode Management

GUI Debug.log Viewer

Refined Overall GUI

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Removed Wallet Flushing on TXs

Added Random-Cookie RPC Auth

Write Block Index in Batches

Remove Spork 16

Added 4 New Seednodes

Read/Write Banlist to Disk

Remove Bitcoin’s P2P Alerts

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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