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5 min readJul 14, 2020


The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! ZENZO is happy to present you all with the latest in ZENZO Core development, a project that has been in the works for well over 6 months now. Before this article begins covering the release from top to bottom, the ZENZO Core Team would like to personally thank our allies over at PIVX for their efforts on the latest PIVX Core Wallet, that has provided a very sturdy foundation for development. The team would also like to thank all developers and testers who have helped contribute directly to this new, massive release. With that being said, please welcome the latest release of ZENZO Core v2.0, Kiyori 希和!


This is the first mandatory update that ZENZO has officially released, since the launching of the ZENZO Blockchain & Network back in 2018. This release is a mandatory update because there is a long list of improvements that are consensus-changing on the base protocol level. Any time there are consensus breaking or changing implementations, it will require a hardfork on the network in order to successfully impose these changes.

The hardfork block is set to 935,333. This means that as soon as the blockchain hits block 935,333 it will begin to hardfork and immediately after, the next block (935,334) should hit if it is successful. The ZENZO Team will be monitoring and watching the network closely after this event to ensure that everything is healthy, stabilizing, and ultimately running smoothly.

In this new release, you can expect a completely new experience while operating the wallet. Upon launching, you will immediately notice that the new wallet syncs incredibly fast. Once it fully opens up, you will be greeted with a brand new GUI that is much more modern and user-friendly. Along with these obvious changes, 2 new major features that were added were cold staking and masternode voting.

What do I need to do?

It is recommended immediately to download and run the new wallet, which can be found on the official ZENZO GitHub. *(Please note that it is never recommended to download the ZENZO Wallet from anywhere but the official ZENZO GitHub) This release includes a diverse list of binaries and is built for different operating systems. The ZENZO Team asks you to kindly share this news and update with all of your friends and to your network, as this will affect every ZENZO Core user.

ZENZO Core v2.0 Screenshots (Light & Dark Modes)

How do I install the new wallet?

  1. Download the wallet, here.
  2. If your previous wallet is running, shut it down.
  3. Delete and replace your old ZENZO Client with v2.0. *Latest: v2.0.1
  4. Run/Boot-up the wallet and let it fully synchronize. (You may experience some blockchain errors that pop up, due to previous versions not being compatible with 2.0. If you experience these problems, visit step 6.)
  5. Once it is finished synchronizing, check the Block Height/Count (Ensure you are on the correct chain. You can cross-check this on the official explorer or in the ZENZO Discord.) If your wallet is fully synchronized and showing the right block height/count, you are on the correct chain.
(The Current number of blocks will constantly be changing. Yours will not read the same as this image.)

6. If you have blockchain issues, you have 2 main options (Step 6 & 7). You can go to your ZENZO Folder and delete these 2 folders and 1 file: blocks, chainstate, and peers.dat (image below) and then reboot your wallet.

Delete these 3 files and reboot your wallet.

7. You can also download the latest ZENZO Bootstrap that has the updated blockchain files (automatically updated every 12 hours). The latest ZENZO Bootstrap file can be found on the official ZENZO website: https://zenzo.io/resources/. Once you’ve downloaded this file, unzip it and then replace the files in your ZENZO folder (above in Step 6) with these files and then relaunch your wallet.

*Never download the ZENZO Bootstrap from anywhere, but official ZENZO channels

If you experience any issues, try rebooting the wallet. If you continue to have problems or questions, the best place to go to get direct support is the ZENZO Discord, Telegram, or Reddit.

Who is Kiyori?

You will just have to be patient, but this much information is known about Kiyori. The translation and meaning behind his name is hope (希) and calm, harmony, peace, and serenity (和). Keep your eyes open for the birth of Kiyori and the next exciting chapter for ZENZO!

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