ZENZO Core v2.0 | Kiyori Release (Mandatory Update)


What do I need to do?

ZENZO Core v2.0 Screenshots (Light & Dark Modes)

How do I install the new wallet?

  1. Download the wallet, here.
  2. If your previous wallet is running, shut it down.
  3. Delete and replace your old ZENZO Client with v2.0. *Latest: v2.0.1
  4. Run/Boot-up the wallet and let it fully synchronize. (You may experience some blockchain errors that pop up, due to previous versions not being compatible with 2.0. If you experience these problems, visit step 6.)
  5. Once it is finished synchronizing, check the Block Height/Count (Ensure you are on the correct chain. You can cross-check this on the official explorer or in the ZENZO Discord.) If your wallet is fully synchronized and showing the right block height/count, you are on the correct chain.
(The Current number of blocks will constantly be changing. Yours will not read the same as this image.)
Delete these 3 files and reboot your wallet.
*Never download the ZENZO Bootstrap from anywhere, but official ZENZO channels

Who is Kiyori?

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