ZENZO Monthly Report: April 2019

As April comes to an end, the ZENZO Team is focused on solidifying the new foundation. This includes finalizing the new tokenomics model, creating and implementing an improved and transparent distribution model for the pre-mine, and roadmaps. The roadmaps will include the project overview (ZENZO Ecosystem), The ZENZO Arcade, and also a ZNZ Coin use case and benefits roadmap.

For the month of April, ZENZO experienced one of the biggest growths, in the shortest amount of time. The community and social media pages grew well over 40% and unique visitors on http://zenzo.io improved by 15,000%. We want to give a special thanks to all of the new alliances and partnerships, along with established ones.

ZENZO Core Wallet (v.1.2.1)

The ZENZO Core Wallet v.1.2.1 was released with many new and improved features that are included the official release. Some of the biggest updates were the “Fake Stake” vulnerability and patch, removal of the Zerocoin Protocol, release of the DVM (Decentralized Version Manager), code cleaning, organization, and optimization, and finally UX/UI improvements. The long awaited ARM wallet, for Raspberry Pi’s, was also released in v.1.2.1. The ZENZO Core Developers have already started updating the code base to the latest Bitcoin Core version for access to a plethora of new features.

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 32 Bit (Windows 7, 10, etc.)

Windows 64 Bit (Windows 7, 10, etc.)

Linux 32 Bit

Linux 64 Bit

Mac/iOS (10.12–10.15, High Sierra, Mojave)

ARM (Raspberry Pi & More)

Decentralized Version Manager (DVM)

The DVM is a peer-to-peer version manager and update tracker, custom-built for ZENZO-Core. This is a hardcoded network algorithm that tracks all connected peers of a node, collects their client versions and measures the percentage of nodes that are higher than, matching, or lower than the node’s own version.

  • A new DVM command inside the ZENZO Discord, through ZENZO Chan, was added to check on the status of peers and what versions of the core wallet they are running.

To check the DVM inside the ZENZO Discord, enter this command:


ZENZO Arcade Dashboard

ZENZO Arcade

Since the end of March, the ZENZO Arcade has undergone many improvements on both the back-end and front-end. The ZENZO Arcade registered users grew roughly by 500% and now there are over 150 quality games for sale, which are currently available to purchase in ZNZ and Bitcoin. Currently in development, the PIVX cryptocurrency is being added as the third official payment option on the ZENZO Arcade. Along with the PIVX integration, a new and improved UX/UI is being worked on. Read about the official alliance between ZENZO and PIVX here.


The ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll (ZENZO Ecosystem Whitepaper v1.0) was completed in this month, but currently being translated in 5 languages before the official, public release. The ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll will be initially available in English, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, and Italian. Many more languages are to follow in the near future. The GrandMaster Scroll is the Ecosystem Overview, but there will later be scrolls specifically for each individual element within the Ecosystem (ref. below).

Sneak Peek of the ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll

Ethereum, NFTs, and ZENZO

ZENZO is currently researching Ethereum and the potential to create games and game assets (NFTs) on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is not a decision that is set in stone, nor would ZENZO only build on Ethereum or encourage other game developers to only build on Ethereum. We are interested in the idea of inter-operability and having ZENZO elements solidified on the blockchain (or several), but also accessible in other games, platforms, and ecosystems. The concept of having transferrable items or game assets that could provide the users or holders multi-platform benefits is certainly worth exploring.

We are allies with many Ethereum-based games currently in the space and have loosely discussed the idea of bringing this to reality…

Want to see ZENZO more involved with Ethereum-Based Games and Dapps?

Join our Discord and post in the #suggestions-and-feedback channel.

ZNZ is now available on TxBit.io for ETH Pairs

Mega NFT Giveaway

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