ZENZO Monthly Report: August 2020

🎉 ZENZO Blockchain hit block 1,000,000!

ZENZO Core Development

v2.0.1 | Kiyori: Key Features

  • Cold Staking (Learn more)
  • Masternode Voting (Learn more)
  • Preventative Crashing/Blockchain Database Corruption
  • Drastically Improved Synchronization Speeds
  • Sleek, Simple, and Beautiful GUI
  • Staking & Masternode Rewards Graph Display

ZENZO Arcade Development

ZENZO Forge Development

Cryptosi Fire Mage (ZENZO Forge Item)
Kiyori Multi-view Teaser

KOTA: Early Access Registration Now Open!

The Checkpoint: Level 9

Stay Tuned For The Checkpoint Level 10!

ZNZ Listed on StakeCube

What is StakeCube?

Marii’Chuy, ZENZO Ambassador of Venezuela

ZENZO Ambassador Addition

Taurion In-Game Screenshot

Taurion Tournament III is Live!

PIVX/ZENZO Alliance Year 2

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