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Jan 1, 2020

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ZENZO Monthly Report: December 2019

What an incredible year for ZENZO! The Year of 2019 has finally come to an end and the ZENZO Team has already begun preparing for an even better year ahead. Some of the key highlights of 2019 were the 1 year anniversary and smooth sailing of the ZENZO Blockchain, launching of the ZENZO Arcade, ZENZO Forge, KOTA (Tech Demo), The Checkpoint, listings on 5+ exchanges, great new alliances, and it couldn’t have happened with out the best community in the world!

With much of the foundation laid, ZENZO will be preparing to launch new and more efficient iterations of the ZENZO Blockchain, Core Wallet, ZENZO Forge, ZENZO Arcade, and also KOTA (ZENZO Forge Tech Demo). Each element of the ZENZO Ecosystem is designed to work together and ultimately improve the user’s experience. One of the grand goals is to gamify this all-encompassing ecosystem, where both gamers and game developers can work together to do everything from create games, play games, and earn for their contributions and involvement.

ZENZO Core Development

The ZENZO Core Wallet v1.3.0 was released this month with a focus on a new and improved UI/UX. One of the biggest challenges with cryptocurrency is the ease of use and user experience. The ZENZO Core Developers are continuously researching other blockchains and wallets to see what is working efficiently and what the points of failure are. Along with this new release, ZENZO Team is already working on a new and improved version. Thanks to one of ZENZO’s main allies, PIVX, there was just recently a breakthrough release (PIVX Core v4.0) with a long list of improvements. ZENZO is currently integrating much of these improvements into the ZENZO codebase and preparing for the first official ZENZO hardfork.

ZENZO Arcade Development

The first version of the ZENZO Arcade is currently down for maintenance, as ZENZO prepares to launch the newest iteration. As many are already familiar, the ZENZO Arcade has been reinvented to fit the latest and improved model. In the past, the ZENZO Arcade used to be interdependent with the ZENZO Custodial Wallet that was just closed down. Though this method provided a simple and easy method to connect your Discord and Twitter with the ZENZO Arcade, the team chose to move more in a decentralized direction. In the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, there is a famous quote that echoes daily… “Not your keys, not your coins” (Andreas Antonopoulos). There is not a date set upon the new release, but all news and updates will be shared through ZENZO’s official social media channels.

ZENZO Forge Development

As the ZENZO Custodial Wallet was shutdown this month (read more here), the ZENZO Forge is being reinvented to be entirely decentralized. Both the backend and frontend have been reworked and all progress is available on the ZENZO GitHub, as the ZENZO Forge is open-source. ZENZO is creating a new standard for blockchain-backed assets and a new layer 1 protocol, also known as ZENZO’s first decentralized application (DApp).

“Under The Hood” of the ZENZO Forge booting up and connecting to peers

What is the ZENZO Forge?

The newest version of the ZENZO Forge will work as a Layer 1 Protocol on top of the Base Protocol (ZENZO Blockchain). This makes the ZENZO Forge an entirely different p2p network (not a blockchain), dependent of the ZENZO Blockchain for on-chain transactions. This is a peer-to-peer network that will allow for improved speed and scalability, to keep up with some of the most fast-paced games, without bloating the blockchain or imposing ridiculous fees on the players.

The Checkpoint: Level 2

With Special Guest Andy Colosimo of Xaya Blockchain

The Checkpoint Level 2 happened on December 14th, 2019 and was streamed across multiple platforms (Twitch, DLive, Mixer, Youtube, Periscope). For this event, ZENZO invited Andy Colosimo of Xaya Blockchain to join and discuss what all Xaya is working on. At the time of this event, Xaya was discussing one of their Tech Demo’s called Taurion. Taurion, a real-time MMORTS game, launched their second tournament a few days later. In this tournament, there are over $10,000 USD worth of prizes, included 5,000 ZNZ that players can prospect and earn in the game. At the time of this report, the tournament is still live and thousands of dollars worth of prizes that have yet to be discovered.

The Checkpoint: Level 3 is currently being planned and the date has been announced, January 15th! The ZENZO Team is happy to welcome Aleksander Larsen (Psycheout), COO and Co-founder of Axie Infinity. Stay tuned for more information in the following week…

The Checkpoint — Level 2 Top Feature on DLive.tv

ZENZO Custodial Wallet: Closed

As of December 31st, 2019 the ZENZO Custodial Wallet has been closed and shutdown forever. The deadline was mentioned for a month and also was extended an extra 24 hours, to make sure everyone was able to withdraw their ZNZ safely from the bot. Read more about the reasoning why the custodial wallet was closed and what else you can expect from ZENZO, here. The ZENZO Chan bot is not closed, only the custodial wallet and tip bot. Each individual has ownership of their funds and if using the ZENZO Core Wallet, they are able to stake, earn rewards, and have their assets protected by their private keys.

ZENZO Custodial Wallet officially closed on 12/31/2019 (24 hour extended deadline)

Special Thanks

ZENZO would like to take a brief moment to thank every single person who has believed and shared in our vision in any and every way. This project would not be where it is without the love and support of the community, no matter how involved or how much each person contributes. ZENZO will continue to see itself as an ally in the space of blockchain and gaming. Last but not least, the team would also like to give a special thanks to all of the ZENZO Allies and Partners who helped bring this vision to life!

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