ZENZO Monthly Report: February 2019

This February proved to be one of the biggest months of 2019 for ZENZO, so far. So many seeds planted and events happened. Some of the highlights of February 2019 include team development and growth, partnerships and alliances, ZENZO Arcade development, sponsoring eSports, and much more that is included below.

Firstly, we would like to welcome our two new ZENZO Ambassadors for both Colombia and Mexico. Both Juan Contreras (Cacalillos) and Zetty Deschain (ONeZetty) have shown the “ZENZO Spirit”, which is offering your love, support, and help in something that you believe in and are passionate about. This also means caring more about community and positive growth for everyone, above personal benefit. We are honored to have two new ZENZO Ambassadors who embody this philosophy and lifestyle.

*Interested in being a ZENZO Ambassador? Contact the team on Discord

ZENZO has also brought on several new advisors to help with technical development, business development, and a gaming industry expert. Another article, in the following week, will elaborate on the two new ambassadors and advisors that joined in the month of February.

ZENZO Arcade Development Updates

The ZENZO Team has constantly been refining the ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) since the initial release. Looking more closely at those updates, they include: new and improved user interface and experience (UX/UI), added security and 2-factor authentication, Bitcoin (BTC) added as a payment option, plans to accept PIVX (PIV) as a payment method, and back-end development for the plans of a bi-directional marketplace.

Screenshots from the ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace)

Alliances & Partnerships

In the meantime, ZENZO has been working on forming an alliance/partnership with several organizations and projects that share a similar vision and work ethic. Some of these projects include PIVX, CoinDreams, VeraNodes, Axie Life, and others.

Listen to the PIVX Budget Conference Chat here

ZENZO has already formed a very close relationship with much of the PIVX community and started working together, but we are also looking at creating an official alliance/partnership with this project and community for the long-term. As PIVX embodies a very open and collaborative environment, alongside cutting-edge technology and a skilled core team, we feel they are a perfect ally in the space.

Want to see the planned ZENZO / PIVX Alliance Proposal? Click here

> Learn more about PIVX on their website or join their Discord.

eSports (Sponsorship & Tournaments)

Sponsoring, hosting, and supporting eSports tournaments is a new direction that ZENZO is very excited about. Our vision behind supporting eSports is to help integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into the gaming industry and gaming ecosystems. The main reason behind this is to empower gamers, to give more control and influence over their experience (game play, development, ownership of assets, transparency, etc.).

In the past week, ZENZO sponsored our first eSports Tournament, which was RCTech’s Pro Axie Tournament (Axie Infinity). This event was hosted on DLive by RCTech and JoshBaked. Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchain-based games on the Ethereum network that is creating a unique and meaningful experience for gamers and blockchain advocates alike. To learn more about it, visit their website or join their Discord.

Are there any games you want to see ZENZO sponsor or host tournaments for? Let us know…

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