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5 min readAug 1, 2019


The eventful month of July has come to an end and a new dawn approaches. Let us highlight some of the major events that happened in July before getting into what is to come. This month we welcomed new team members, added exchange listings and pairs for ZNZ, improved ZNZ accessibility and adoption, wallet development, NazoBot game release, ZENZO merchandise , and more.

One of the more prominent achievements that happened this month was the integration of ZNZ on Cryptocurrency Checkout (Payment Gateway), which drives adoption for both ZNZ and cryptocurrency as a whole.

Cryptocurrency Checkout (Payment Gateway for Cryptocurrency)

CryptoCurrency Checkout

“Cryptocurrency Checkout Payment Gateway gives your customers multiple ways to pay, such as 1-click payments for desktop wallets, Scannable QR codes for mobile devices, and manual input so you can even be paid directly from Exchanges.”

Installation Guides to accept ZENZO (ZNZ)

You can now accept ZENZO (ZNZ) payments through BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, HTML 5, WHMCS, Magneto, & Wordpress. On top of the store and online business integrations, you can also accept ZENZO (ZNZ) as a donation on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

By having ZNZ accepted as a payment option through the largest e-commerce shops and plugins, we can now have the ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) used world-wide and at any time of day! This opens up countless possibilities for the world of cryptocurrency, along with your favorite gaming cryptocurrency.

Thanks to this latest implementation, ZENZO is pushing for more adoption of both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the gaming sector through the means of streaming. Twitch is going to be one of the primary focuses for the ZENZO team and community moving forward. Be sure to follow the Official ZENZO Twitch Channel for streaming, updates, and giveaways!

Team Development

This month, we have officially welcomed on two new members: Amit JunejaManaging Director and Kamil Sobkowicz (ExHuman) — ZENZO Ambassador (Poland). Amit joined to help bring new financial leadership that will enable both long-term and sustainable scalability for the ZENZO Ecosystem. Thanks to his help and contributions, we are currently working on a new model for ZENZO Distribution that we look forward to sharing publicly and with transparency. Secondly, Kamil, who goes by the nickname ExHuman, joined ZENZO as the Polish Ambassador to help spread awareness and adoption world-wide, but specifically in Poland. If you are not familiar, ExHuman is also a co-founder and active part of the NazoBot team and developments.

Exchange Listings & New Pairs

In the beginning of July, ZNZ was accepted on 2 new exchanges: Social SEND Platform and SwiftEx. This now makes a total of 5 exchanges that you can buy, sell, and trade ZNZ on! With these new exchanges also came new pairs for ZNZ, which include:


To learn more about these exchanges, please visit their websites and/or Discord servers. Their teams and admins are also available in the ZENZO Discord.

SatoshiLabs Slip-44 Coin Type Number 377 — ZENZO (ZNZ)

Wallet Development (ZENZO Core)

ZENZO Core Devs have stayed busy working on the latest upgrades for ZENZO Core v.1.3.0, which we are getting pretty excited for the release. There is not an official release date set, but this new wallet will run much smoother and was customized specifically to simplify the user’s experience. On top of that, ZENZO (ZNZ) has officially been assigned with SatoshiLabs SLIP-44 Coin Type Number 377. There are too many updates, features, and commits to cover in this monthly report, but we encourage you to visit the Official ZENZO GitHub to see for yourself.

NazoBot Development (Axie Enigma Release)

The first official game, Axie Enigma, was released to the public and now available in the Official Axie Infinity Discord in the #minigames and #zenzo-ecosystem channels (subject to change). Axie Enigma is Discord-based game to help Axie Infinity players sharpen their skills and knowledge of in-game mechanics (Axie Genes & Classes). There are two gameplay versions and several modes(single player & multiplayer).

NazoBot — Axie Enigma Screenshot (Axie Infinity Discord)

With the latest developments, you now see more information on the random axie including: Axie Name or Number, Axie Owner (public or private), and Sale and Sire Pricing (if the axie is listed on the Axie Marketplace). Thanks to this latest implementation, if players see an axie they are interested in adding to their collection or team, they can now click the direct hyperlink to take them to the marketplace. This also goes for players that have their axies for sale and up for siring, there is a chance your axie will be displayed in the game! Special thanks to RivAngE for the latest updates and improvements.

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