ZENZO Monthly Report: June 2019

Over the course of June, there was one major development release — NazoBot The Traveler. Aside from the release of NazoBot, ZENZO Core Developers have been busy working on the next wallet release (v.1.3.0). This new wallet update will provide many new features that make ZNZ transactions even easier, while also providing added security. This wallet will run much faster and require less requirements.

On the back-end, ZENZO has been busy developing a new roadmap and looking into a ZENZO (ZNZ) mobile wallet to help make ZNZ more accessible and easy to use. Our goals are to have ZNZ more widely accepted around the world and ultimately create the universal gaming cryptocurrency that is simple to use. Below we cover the events of June in more detail…

ZENZO Core Development (Wallet)

With the release of ZENZO Core v.1.2.1 last month, ZENZO Core developers have already started working on an improved version (1.3.0). This next version will be an even faster wallet with many new improvements, along with some added unique features. This version is intended to improve the user experience, simplify some normally complex features, and enhance security. Check out the list below, all of which are public on the Official ZENZO GitHub.

- Added GUI Updates Settings Tab

- Removed Satoshi’s Centralized Alerts System

- Fixed memleaks and reduced total RAM usage

- Fixed WalletDB problem causing slow transactions

- Added manual (Un)Banning via GUI and RPC

- Added on-disk banlist for ban permanence

- Added Random-Cookie authentication

- Added 3-second confirmation delay on GUI sends

- Simplified Send Dialog for casual users

- Removed Zerocoin entirely

- Added new blockchain checkpoint (383,000)

- Simplified Overview Page w/ dynamic balances

- Fixed and Optimized DVM backend

- Added Send available balance button

PIVX / ZENZO Alliance Development

After the official alliance was created between PIVX and ZENZO, we have been busy developing better relations with PIVX and looking for more ways to mutually support each other. ZENZO is currently working on the Phase 2 Proposal to take this alliance even further. The primary focus is to help create opportunities, specifically in the gaming realm, that can benefit both projects and most importantly help educate gamers on the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Once the Phase 2 Proposal is complete, we will be sharing it publicly within the PIVX community, along with our own. Since the beginning, both ZENZO and PIVX are well-known to being open to feedback and suggestions. If there is anything you would like to see happen between both projects, stop by either Discord and let us know! ZENZO also has a channel in the PIVX Discord called #zenzo_alliance where you can share your feedback and ideas.

NazoBot Release (Discord Mini Games)

This month, we officially released NazoBot The Traveler. NazoBot is a Discord-based bot thats purpose is to create educational entertainment through mini games and utilize blockchain to help bring adoption and awareness. As Discord is used primarily by gamers, it is the perfect platform to create fun and challenging games that are playable in any server where the NazoBot is invited.

With the release of Nazobot, we also officially launched the first mini game called Axie Enigma. This game is based off of the blockchain game, Axie Infinity. Players can have to be very familiar with this game in order to compete, but it is also a great learning experience for new players as well. The objective in this game is to answer the questions as quickly and accurately as possible.

After the initial release, we are working on simplifying the gameplay experience, specifically for mobile. Though we are creating a more simple way to play, it does not compromise the difficulty of the game or questions. Stay tuned for the next big update, you can follow the Official NazoBot Twitter.

Axie League Season 02 — Blockchain eSports

We are happy to announce that the Axie League Season 02 has now come to an end and the official champions are … the defending champions from last season, Owl, Hawk, & Carl South Africa. Special thanks to all of the players who competed and RCTech and team for organizing one of the first and biggest Blockchain eSports Leagues! Stay tuned for more news from RCTech regarding the Axie MultiLeague and the release of some more Axie-based mini games, where you can compete and earn rewards…

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