ZENZO Monthly Report: November 2018

Following the official launch of the ZENZO (ZNZ) Blockchain in October 2018, November proved to be another successful and eventful month. In the month of November, the Crypto Market took a huge hit and bitcoin even dropped down to below $3,700 USD. Spirits in the space and overall morale was low, but the ZENZO Team strived to accomplish the planned goals and thankfully they were achieved. Some of the highlights of this month for ZENZO are the Roadmap v1.0 release, MonaCard series release, block explorer launch, ZUI Lightpaper v1.0 creation, added two new members to the core team, listings on MasterNodes.Pro and GIN Platform, Discord Bots, and more.

November 2018 Events

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ZENZO Ecosystem Roadmap v1.0 Release

ZENZO Ecosystem MonaCards Series Launch (Digital Assets)

Official ZENZO Block Explorer Launched

ZUI Lightpaper v1.0 Created (Under Peer Review) — Public Release Soon!

Core Team Expansion (2 new members)

Listed on CoinGecko, CoinLib.io, + 8 others

Listed on MasterNodes.Pro & GIN platform

135+ ZNZ Masternodes Online (2,000,000+ ZNZ locked)

Coin Swap 71%+ Completed

ZENZO Discord Tip Bot, Easter Egg, Samurai PVP Mini-Game Launched

ZENZO Gleam Contest Giveaway Completed

Special thanks to Jules Dubois for the help to create the ZENZO Block Explorer, which is an open source Block Explorer created by Bulwark Cryptocurrency (an amazing project in the space, be sure to check them out).

What to Expect in the Near Future

ZENZO is currently finalizing the ZUI Lightpaper v1.0. It is under peer review and will also be translated in Japanese and following languages. This lightpaper is just intended to give an overview of what ZUI is and what ZENZO intends to do with ZUI. The partnership with Olypsis Technologies is still being finalized and we happy to work with this great company and team.

In the month of December, ZENZO intends to launch its first whitepaper to give a more in depth look at what ZENZO Ecosystem is and plans to do. There are many other great surprises waiting to come alive before the beginning of 2019. Join the ZENZO Community and see for yourself!

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Sneak Preview: ZENZO Ecosystem MonaCards (released on December 1st)

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