ZENZO Monthly Report: November 2019

November proved to be another exciting month for ZENZO and also for many new members that joined over the past month. As November has come to an end, there are still many exciting things planned before 2019 is officially over. One major event this month was the launch of The Checkpoint, which occurred on November 16th. The Checkpoint is a monthly e-series to highlight the fields of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming. Along with the development of ZENZO Core, Arcade, and Forge there are other updates that include new listings for ZNZ, team expansion, over 1,200 wallets created, and more.

ZENZO Core Development

ZENZO Core v1.3.0 has had a soft release on GitHub that is available for anyone to download and run. The new version includes an HD wallet with mnemonic seed phrases, which is much more convenient and easier to keep track for your average user, without compromising security. The full release is on its way and will be released with a full article explaining the overview for your average person and also the technical improvements, for those that are curious.

ZENZO Core HD Wallet Seed Phrases (v1.3.0)

All development on ZENZO Core is open-source and available for the public to view at any given moment on GitHub. As mentioned in previous updates, the primary purpose of this release was improving the user experience as it needs to be easy to understand and operate. There is still a lot of fine tuning, but with each major release users should be able to notice a dramatic difference and appreciate the hours of hard work that goes into improving the ZENZO Core Wallet.

ZENZO Arcade Development

The ZENZO Arcade is getting closer and closer to the new release, which includes a drastic makeover from top to bottom. On the backend, the ZENZO Arcade will now be decentralized and there will be no custodial wallet that is linked from Discord accounts to the ZENZO Arcade. A large reason for this update is due to an EU regulation that will be imposed on January 2020. To read more about this, you can visit the ZENZO article that covers this subject here. ZENZO is more than happy to cater to this new direction, though it does reduce the simple functionality previously accessible where users could link their Discord account (ZENZO Custodial Wallet) to the ZENZO Arcade with the click of a button. The good news is that this encourages more decentralized development and helps to keep all of your funds directly and entirely in your control at all times.

ZENZO Forge Development

The moment you have all been waiting for… the ZENZO Forge Tech Demo was shared for the first time publicly on November 16th, at The Checkpoint event on Twitch, DLive, and Periscope. To watch a recap of the event, you can visit this link. The purpose of this tech demonstration was to showcase the ZENZO Forge and how simple it is to craft and smelt items in-game. The game utilizing this technology, also referred to as the ZENZO Forge Tech Demo, is called KOTA, short for King of the Apocalypse. This is an apocalyptic, survival-based first person shooter game that tests the survival skill of players by seeing how many rounds they can last.

The ZENZO Forge has just recently gone under recent development to adjust due to the EU regulation mentioned above, which has resulted in decentralizing the ZENZO Forge. Now, it will exist by engaging in a peer to peer network by running a “ZENZO Forge Validator Node” that is interdependent of the ZENZO Core (Blockchain). This new model uses a distributed network that verifies Forge items without the need of a central entity and to prevent bloating of the ZENZO Core (Blockchain). Due to this new model’s infrastructure, it creates a more efficient model for both gamers and game developers. As most blockchain gamers are aware, the poor scalability and bloat in their favorite blockchain games absolutely kills the gameplay experience. As avid gamers and blockchain gamers, ZENZO has identified both some large problems that the current industry faces and already has working models for anyone to test.

The Checkpoint: Monthly Event

A new e-series called The Checkpoint officially launched on November 16th, 2019, where ZENZO provides discussions and open conversation around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming. Along with these innovative and pioneering subjects, ZENZO is also showcasing its own technology along with highlighting other respectable projects and games within the space. The first guest on The Checkpoint with John M. with PIVX, talking about cryptocurrency, privacy, and the alliance between both PIVX and ZENZO.

The Checkpoint 02 is already in planning and more information will be released soon with a new guest and will happen sometime around mid-December, before the holidays begin. If you would like to participate in the next Checkpoint event, please follow ZENZO social media to stay up to date with the latest announcements and updates. For any projects and games out there that would like to see about being a guest at The Checkpoint, please contact Tendo on Discord. *Only respond to ZENZO Team members with the official role and title.

Team Expansion & New Exchange Listings

Everyone please welcome the latest team member, Kerri “Wolven” Squires, who will be the new Digital Media Coordinator here at ZENZO. This is a soft announcement that will soon be followed with a more in-depth introduction, but in the meantime please give her a warm welcome in the Discord or on Twitter! On top of Wolven joining the team, ZENZO (ZNZ) was also listed on Graviex, which is a great, international exchange that does not force a KYC or geo-block specific countries. Three new pairs were added that include: BTC/ZNZ, ETH/ZNZ, and USDC/ZNZ. Last but not least, ZENZO also released the first ZENZO Beacon, which is an online series of written interviews covering the subjects of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming — just like The Checkpoint. The first article was released with Jiho from Axie Infinity, which you can read here.

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