ZENZO Monthly Report: October 2018

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4 min readOct 31, 2018


After many months of planning, research, and development… ZENZO Ecosystem officially launched in the month of October! The ZENZO Blockchain (MainNet) and Governance Coin (ZNZ) were launched on October 2nd. ZENZO Core Wallets were then released and uploaded to the ZENZO GitHub. Shortly after, wallet tutorials, masternode guides, and other documents were created and shared here.

ZNZ Wallet & Masternode

ZENZO is a community takeover project that had no ICO or presale whatsoever. Included in the transparent premine, were ZNZ coins for the Coin Swap. You can view the Resource Allocation & Distribution document here. At the end of October, the ZENZO Team distributed around 4.5 million ZNZ, which is roughly 70% of the Coin Swap. Also, the official wallets mentioned in the distribution document can be viewed on the ZENZO Community Block Explorer (Beta).

For those that have not received their ZNZ, please download the latest wallet and contact the ZENZO Team.

On October 30th, ZENZO (ZNZ) was officially listed on the first public decentralized exchange, CryptoBridge. Following the listing of ZNZ on Cryptobridge, it was also listed on Cryptofolio, Delta, and Blockfolio portfolio tracking apps.

October 2018 Overview

  • ZENZO (ZNZ) Blockchain Launch
  • Zenzo.io Website Launch
  • Official GitHub ZENZO Core Release & Updates
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS Wallets (10.8–10.12, High Sierra, Mojave)
  • ZENZO Public Wallets created (Administration, Coin Swap, Co-Founders)
  • Wallet & Masternode Setup Guides (English)
  • ZENZO Community Block Explorer Created
  • BitcoinTalk Ann Thread Created (English & Japanese)
  • Listing On CryptoBridge (First Official Exchange Listing)
  • Listing on NodeHub.io, Cryptofolio, Delta App, and Blockfolio
  • Coin Swap (~70% Complete)
  • First Official Partnership drafted with Olypsis Technologies (ZUI & App Development)
  • Added 2 New Public Advisors
  • ZNZ Discord Tipping Bot Added
  • ZUI & Application Litepaper First Draft Created
ZENZO (ZNZ) listed on CryptoBridge & Cryptofolio, Blockfolio, and Delta apps

What to Expect in the Near Future

ZENZO is currently hashing out a partnership for development, which will include building the base ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) application. This will also include the plans for ZENZO’s first app that will use elements of cross-chain application and decentralization. The name and plans for this app will be released in the ZUI Litepaper. To clarify, this is not the ZENZO app, but an extension and the first use case for the ZUI (one element within the ZENZO Ecosystem). Immediately upon finalizing the partnership, ZENZO will release the new development Roadmap v1.0. One of the main goals in Q4 2018 is to complete the final draft, with extensive peer review, and release the ZENZO Whitepaper v1.0 to give the public a clear idea of the true vision and plans for the ZENZO Ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the giveaway below!

To celebrate all of the recent events, ZENZO decided to do a giveaway. About one week ago, the first giveaway was created for a chance to win ZNZ for 10 lucky winners. You can enter the contest here.

ZENZO (ZNZ) Gleam.io Giveaway Graphic

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