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Nov 2, 2019

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ZENZO Monthly Report: October 2019

October proved to be an exciting month as ZENZO announced the beginning of a new chapter and voyage into the realm of streaming. Thus, the ZENZO Knights were born. These knights are at the forefront of the education and integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency, through the means of streaming. As a majority of streamers are gamers, it is a perfect medium that has unlimited potential and mutual benefits for all parties. ZENZO also knighted the first official ZENZO Knight, which is covered more in-depth below.

Alongside this new gateway, the core team has been busy working on the new version of the wallet (v1.3.0), completely rebuilding the ZENZO Arcade (Alpha), creating new infrastructure for the ZENZO Forge, and also working on a new website to help clearly convey what all it is that ZENZO Ecosystem has in store. Let’s take a look deeper into the progress over the month of October…

ZENZO Core Development

Firstly, on October 2nd 2019, ZENZO Blockchain celebrated its 1 year anniversary! This is a small, but meaningful milestone for the progress of your favorite dedicated gaming blockchain. ZENZO Blockchain intends to cater to the needs of both gamers and game developers through providing a reliable and secure database that allows for sustainable growth and most importantly, minimal to no fees for the user.

ZENZO Core v1.3.0 Release is well underway. You can keep up to date with the progress and active development on the official ZENZO GitHub. As previously mentioned, the new wallet is intended to provide many simplified features and GUI for what previously was only accessible through the debug console. One of the main focuses for this release is user-experience, as most people that are familiar with qt wallets can attest to them not being ideal for the concept of mass adoption. Could you picture your younger sister, mother, or grandfather use it? If the answer is no, then it isn’t ready for the mass market yet. The ZENZO Core Developers are constantly looking for secure ways to reinvent and simplify this experience for every type of person, to truly make it universal.

ZENZO Arcade Development

To prepare for the launch of ZENZO Arcade (Alpha v2.0), the ZENZO Arcade has been migrated over to a new server that is 8 times more powerful than the previous one, as the new launch is expected to have a heavy increase of traffic. On the backend, the ZENZO Arcade is being completely redone to have users signup and input their own ZNZ address instead of directly linking to the ZENZO Custodial Wallet (some refer to as the ZNZ Discord Wallet). The ZENZO Arcade is moving away from the custodial wallet to make sure that users have full access to all of their funds at all times. Though many people loved the simplicity of how fast it was to connect and purchase a game on the arcade with the custodial wallet, security and legal compliance will always remain a top priority to ensure the overall safety for all parties involved. Stay tuned for updates and progress shots of the new ZENZO Arcade by following the official social media pages, which can be found at the bottom of this report.

ZENZO Forge Development

One of the most exciting and anticipated releases, the ZENZO Forge, will be officially demonstrated in the middle of November at an event hosted by both ZENZO and PIVX. The name of this event is “The Checkpoint”. It will be streamed on November 16th and everyone is highly encouraged to join. Here you will be able to chat with the team about the ZENZO Forge, play some games, and also be eligible to win some great prizes.

In terms of development of the ZENZO Forge, it has also had a new architecture envisioned since the release of the ZENZO Forge SDK. The ZENZO Forge is a tool intended for gamer developers to be able to create decentralized assets on the ZENZO Blockchain that are also locked and backed by an amount of ZNZ. This gives players complete ownership of their digital assets and in-game items. The new version of the Forge has improved mechanics and minimal fees to improve the gaming experience, instead of gouging players every time they want to move assets on and off chain. ZENZO has been doing extensive research on what aspects of current models for blockchain games are doing right and what can be drastically improved upon.

ZENZO Knights (Streaming)

As mentioned in the overview of this article, the ZENZO team and community are amped up about the new tactics to storm the streaming world with full force. The ZENZO Knights are essentially the hand-selected streaming representatives and ambassadors of ZENZO that embody the virtues and characteristics that created the foundation of this project… resiliency, humility, persistence, devotion, and fortitude. Seats at this round table are exclusive, yet open to anyone from all walks of life. For those that are deemed worthy, both man and woman shall be judged and ranked upon the content of their character…

The first knighting ceremony took place on October 25th, as ZENZO officially welcomed LTZonda to the round table. LTZonda is one huge component of the new streaming frontier to facilitate the education of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the realms of gaming and streaming. He is well-rounded in all three aspects of streaming, gaming, and blockchain. Read more about LTZonda and the ZENZO Knights here.

Team Expansion, New Block Explorers, & More

ZENZO is happy to welcome the latest advisor to help with legal compliance and exchange listings. He is most familiar with his work with PIVX, but please give a warm welcome to John M. Some other highlights of October include: featured in the CoinCodex Article of “Top 5 Gaming Altcoins of 2019”, new zenzo.io website under development, and also 2 new block explorers.

ZENZO (ZNZ) was added to CryptoID and OpenChains, which help provide additional and reliable block explorers for the ZENZO Blockchain. With additional support from the community, there are now more than five explorers, but ZENZO will mainly utilize the five listed below…

*Primary Block Explorer: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/znz/#!wallets OpenChains Explorer: https://openchains.info/coin/zenzo/peers
Blockbook Explorer: https://blockbook.zenzo.io/
Official Block Explorer 1: http://explorer.zenzo.io/
Official Block Explorer 2: http://explorer2.zenzo.io/

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Final CoinSwap Notice

ZENZO Blockchain has now been live and healthy for over one year! The ZENZO Team has generously given everyone that applied for the CoinSwap over one year to receive their ZNZ. As a last reminder and opportunity for anyone that has not had their coins swapped for ZNZ (that previously registered), the final day to receive your ZNZ by is November 7th, 2019. The remainder of all unclaimed ZNZ will be added to the ZENZO Hatchery, which will be clearly and transparently outlined in the new ZENZO Distribution model. Once again, November 7th, 2019 is the final cutoff date for the ZENZO CoinSwap and all remaining ZNZ will be transferred to the ZENZO Hatchery.

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