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Many of us share the vision to see the complete adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the gaming industry, an industry that grosses over $43 billion yearly and an industry many of us have been contributing to since we were children. Some of the biggest challenges with a new technology are being able to simplify it so that anyone can understand its benefits, but most importantly the focus needs to be on an easy user experience and application. With players that are already familiar with in-game economies and topping up game credits, they are ready to have complete ownership of both their currencies and in-game items. ZENZO intends to deliver both aspects of this and bring the power back to the player!

We have been watching the streaming space for many months and realized that most streamers are gamers and have already setup their streaming accounts to receive tips (some of which are accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum). This is becoming a lifestyle and career, rather than just a hobby for many and we will only see more of this with time. This is why ZENZO is now focusing on a streaming campaign to advocate the adoption and application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

ZENZO Streaming

ZENZO has officially been streaming on both Twitch.tv and DLive.tv for the past few months and created continuous weekly events for people to join and learn about ZENZO, meet the team, earn some ZNZ, and most importantly…have fun. The current streams are led by one of the co-founders, Luke “Tendo” Wootton, and the FPS Fridays are hosted by Emmanuel “Manny” Rangel.

One of the primary purposes of integrating with streaming is to push for the adoption of cryptocurrency and give streamers a better way to benefit from their time, effort, and content creation. Twitch users can now accept ZNZ donations or tips by setting up an account with Cryptocurrency Checkout and following this simple guide. If anyone has any difficulties setting up, our team and community are always active in the ZENZO Discord. Not to mention, we are helping promote streamers who are accepting ZNZ tips and donations. If you setup up ZNZ donations on your stream, be sure to let us know… you might just be in for a little surprise!

ZENZO Knights

ZENZO is in the process of creating an official stream team, by the name of the ZENZO Knights. Those accepted to fly under the ZENZO banner and sit at the table will be open to all different types of rewards, as ZENZO is planning a new series to bridge games and game developers with streamers and players alike. Interested to learn more? Join the Discord and get in contact with Tendo.

ZENZO Knighting: LTZonda

We are honored to announce the first knighting ceremony of a well-known and respected player in the field. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to LTZonda! He will be now be fully endorsed and sponsored by ZENZO and helping to bring ZENZO to the world. LTZonda is one huge component of the new streaming frontier to facilitate the education of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the realms of gaming and streaming.

With someone that has been gaming their whole life and streaming for over 9 years, there is no better person than LTZonda to bring to the forefront of blockchain, gaming, and streaming. LTZonda has experience with and helped raise awareness for different blockchain platforms and games such as DLive.tv, Axie Infinity, Crypto Space Commander(CSC), and others. He is also well-known for founding Streamers Connected, an army of passionate streamers and gamers. In the past, he gained much of his traction from Twitch.tv, which he now has roughly 400,000 followers. Be sure to follow him on social media and keep an eye out for his streams!

LTZonda DLive.tv
LTZonda Twitch.tv
LTZonda Twitter

Special Giveaway

Stay tuned for a special giveaway on LTZonda’s stream, announcing the official alliance with ZENZO and much more on Friday (10/25/2019). The stream will start roughly around 12:30 PM UTC. We will be giving away…

• 1 Copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
• 2,500 ZNZ

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