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Upon releasing the new ZENZO Rewards Calculator, the ZENZO Blockchain just hit over 250 ZNZ Masternodes online! This is a great milestone for ZENZO and the ZENZO Community. With the current development of 4 major releases, the increasing masternodes growing on the network is positive reinforcement and a morale booster.

ZENZO Chan Bot Command (Masternode Count) in the ZENZO Discord
Screenshot taken on 4/12/2020

ZENZO Rewards Calculator


This website was created to provide the most accurate calculator for ZENZO’s network, currently for staking and masternode rewards. Since the launch of the ZENZO Blockchain, Staking Rewards are 65% of each block reward and the remaining 35% goes to Masternode Rewards. Also, it displays the ZENZO (ZNZ) Supply Breakdown, Reward Distribution, and Rewards Calculator.

ZNZ Supply Breakdown

ZENZO (ZNZ) is listed on many tracking and statistic websites like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, MasternodesPro, CoinCodex, along with a long list of others. Although many of these platforms prove to be very useful, it was imperative for ZENZO to create a custom website to display the most accurate ZNZ Supply Breakdown. This includes the Current Supply, Locked ZNZ (Masternodes & ZFIs), and ZNZ not staking. Since the release of the ZENZO Forge, there are now ZENZO Forge Items (ZFIs) that lock your coins in your ZENZO Core Wallet, similar to how a masternode would. Due to this locking mechanism and decreasing the circulating supply of ZNZ, it needs to be factored in. With that being said, this is experimental data and is constantly changing.

> Download the ZENZO Core Wallet (v1.3.0)

ZNZ Listings and Trading Pairs

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ZENZO (ZNZ) is currently listed on 6 exchanges with a wide variety of trading pairs. The largest volume is currently on Graviex and Crex24. Below are the top used exchanges at the moment of releasing this article.





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