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3 min readApr 26, 2021

🌸 ZENZO Chan Art Contest “Spring Theme”🌸

ZENZO Chan “Spring Theme” Art Contest will be held to commemorate the emergence of a new year!

*Contest Deadline Extended to June 21, 2021

All participants will receive a participation prize of 10 ZNZ!

【Theme Title】
“ZENZO Chan’s Spring”

Submission Period
- April 24, 2021 0:00 to June 21, 2021 24:00 (Japan time)

Submission Requirements
- Follow ZENZO Ecosystem on Twitter
- Submit Art on Twitter, Tagging @zenzo_ecosystem
- Use hashtags #ZENZOChanArt and $ZNZ

Work that can be submitted
- Illustrations of ZENZO Chan, ZENZO’s official mascot.
- You can apply for multiple works, but only 1 piece can rank to be rewarded.
- Please use a size and format that Twitter supports (high resolution).

- Create an illustration of ZENZO Chan with the influence of Spring.
ZENZO Chan’s key features need to remain recognizable, but you are free to change and modify:

・ Costumes, accessories, poses, environment, etc.

ZENZO Chan’s face, hair color (light blue + purple gradient), and physique should be the same as the original. *Please note the reference images below, you can click on the hyperlink for a larger resolution.

See full image

Art Submission File Size
* High Resolution is recommended (4,000x4,000px)

【Art Submission Conditions】
- Create an image of a fun, bright, and happy ZENZO Chan
- Both digital and non-digital works are accepted
- Anyone can participate, please apply without worrying about your skill!
- Do not use violent, criminal, sexual, or inappropriate expressions to portray ZENZO Chan in a negative manner.

One gold prize, one silver prize, and one bronze prize will be selected from the submitted works by the ZENZO Team.

【Prize Pool】
Gold Medal: 4000 ZNZ
Silver Medal: 3100 ZNZ
Bronze Medal: 500 ZNZ

【Participation Prize】
Per person: 10 ZNZ

【How to Claim Your Prize】
Create a ZENZO Wallet with a ZNZ Public Address, such as ZENZO Core Wallet (Recommended) or using the mobile app Flits. You must have a ZNZ Wallet/Address in order to claim your prize.

【How to Claim Your ZFI】
Create a ZENZO Forge profile and prepare the address or username. (Follow this guide, if you have any questions)

【Art Contest Judges】
The ZENZO Team will be the judges for the art submissions, as well as facilitating the entire event.

【Terms & Conditions】
Upon submitting your art, understand that the copyright of the submitted illustrations gives ZENZO Ecosystem full rights and ownership to use the art for any purpose, determined by ZENZO Ecosystem. It may be sold as merchandise, NFTs, or used for advertising. ZENZO Chan is the official character of ZENZO Ecosystem and special thanks to the original creator, Shima-san, as well as later iterations by Bitconusi.

【Create a ZENZO Wallet】

*Please only download ZENZO applications (Core Wallet, Forge, etc.) from official ZENZO sources like GitHub and the official website.

ZENZO Core Wallet (Recommended)

Flits Mobile Wallet:
iOS (Apple)
Android (Google)

For any further questions, please join the ZENZO Discord!

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