ZENZO Monthly Report: April 2021

ZENZO Core Development

Simplified Web Wallet Dashboard
ZENZO Web Wallet “About” Page

ZENZO Forge Development

ZENZO Forge Network Stats & Eximius Promo ZFI

Game State Processor (GSP)

Example of the burn command in the ZENZO Core Debug Console

🎨Community Art ZFIs

PIVX + ZENZO Inspired ZFIs by Community Member mistersx12

Want to get started making art, game assets, or just experiment?

💀KOTA: King of the Apocalypse

ZENZO’s First Blockchain Game

New Partnership: Ammobox Studios

Eximius: Seize the Frontline Promo ZFIs, In-Game Item, and more

🌸 ZENZO Chan Art Contest “Spring Theme”

Stay Tuned For The Checkpoint Level 15!

For News, Updates, and Announcements



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