ZENZO Monthly Report: February 2021

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7 min readFeb 28, 2021

During the month of February, ZENZO celebrated its 3 year anniversary, which officially marks 3 years since the birth of the project. The ZENZO Team would like to take a brief moment to thank every single person, project, and team that has supported the growth of the ecosystem.

Recent updates for last month include: ZENZO Forge + KOTA Demo testing and improvements, starting development on a ZFI explorer (NFT database), ZENZO Chan (Discord Bot) command additions (KOTA + Forge), news of a ZENZO Web3 Wallet (Kamoshika), guides and listings on third-party platforms that include Flits and StackofStake. Currently, the team is looking for more testers for the ZENZO Forge before the next major release. If you are interested in testing and contributing to the development of the ZENZO Forge, please visit the ZENZO Discord.

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ZENZO Core Development

The development of ZENZO Core is now expanding into the world of web3. This means now that there is currently a web3 wallet in development that is expected to be released in the coming months. The ZENZO Web Wallet is a web-based wallet that anyone can use around the world, even on mobile. This wallet is a non-custodial wallet where the user has 100% ownership of their assets, wallet encryption, private key access, and customizable features. Progress and development can be tracked on the Official ZENZO GitHub, as it is entirely open-source. Future iterations are planned to include the integration of the ZENZO Forge, making the journey less frictionless and easier for both gamers and game developers. A web3 wallet extension (plugin), similar to MetaMask for Ethereum, is also being developed called Kamoshika (カモシカ), which will make the onboarding process even easier. Stay tuned for more information about the official release of Kamoshika (カモシカ).

What is a Kamoshika and what is the significance of this name?

A kamoshika is essentially a Japanese serow that closely resembles a goat/antelope/deer. They are considered a national treasure in Japan and faced a brief period of near-extinction, which caused laws to be passed in order protect the species. The kamoshika are often referred to “spirits of the forest” and held in high regards for their alluring nature. Some consider it good luck to come in contact with or to see a kamoshika in the wild. As many are aware, ZENZO enjoys mythology as much as creating its own unique mythos — much of which is heavily inspired by Japanese folklore and culture.

Download the latest version, ZENZO Core v2.1.0 | Kiyori

ZENZO Forge Development

After the release of the ZENZO Forge Demo (v0.5) in January, a month has provided a good amount of testing from community members that were able to share initial feedback and suggestions. Overall, the experience has been very positive with over 58 ZENZO Forge Profiles created, 792 ZFIs in existence, and a total of 47,017.98 ZNZ now locked. Alongside these recent updates, a ZFI explorer is also being developed that will allow for a user-friendly interface to see and track ZFIs, as well as reading additional metadata. It is currently a requirement to also be running the ZENZO Core Wallet to interact with the ZENZO Forge.

Download the latest version of the ZENZO Forge

With the release of the ZENZO Forge Demo, KOTA (King of the Apocalypse) is now available inside the application itself. It can be accessed in the “Game Manager” page on the left panel in the GUI. A beginner’s guide that breaks down a top-to-bottom approach of what all this technology is, does, and how to set it up was published, here.

Right now, all players and community members are highly encouraged to download the latest versions, test them out extensively, and share feedback. It is imperative that this technology goes through strenuous testing in order to test it capabilities and also see if there are any crippling bugs or critical areas for improvement. That is why the first soft-release is considered a demo — allowing for the community to get there hands on what has been talked about for sometime and also be involved and participate in development.

KOTA: King of the Apocalypse

ZENZO’s First Blockchain Game

King of the Apocalypse, also referred to as KOTA, is the first ZENZO Forge Tech Demo that will showcase the benefits, features, and possibilities of the new era for blockchain gaming. KOTA is a post-apocalyptic, FPS survival game that will first start out with a campaign mode and already in discussions for a multiplayer mode. The ZENZO Team has decided that much of KOTA will be community-driven project, where people with all different backgrounds and skills can have some influence on the direction of KOTA.

The first public release will be a limited testing phase, known as “Early Access”, and only 50 players will be able to join for this release. Don’t worry, if you don’t make the cut, you will be able to join for the Alpha Release. The ZENZO Team is looking for players with both passion and experience in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and gaming. Passionate players that want to be involved in game development, without being developers or programmers, this is for you!

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Want to stay up to date with KOTA’s development and releases?
Join the ZENZO Discord and go to the #🔥-Forge Channel and signup for the KOTA Newsletter!

ZNZ Listed on StackofStake Platform

StackofStake is a custodial platform that offers staking and masternode investment features. Their goal is to simplify the process for users to to be able to earn passive rewards with their investments — giving users the benefits of staking and masternode rewards, without having to understand all of the technical aspects. The platform has been around since 2018 and is also a part of the SCRIV Network, which is an ecosystem that provides cryptocurrency investment tools.

Informational Guides

*DISCLAIMER: Please be aware of all the potential risks associated with third-party platforms and services before using them. Understand that these listings do not constitute endorsement by ZENZO, but are solely provided for informational purposes only. It is recommended to do your own research and exercise caution while using any third-party platform and service. ZENZO is not responsible for any actions that occur on any third-party platform and service, as it is out of ZENZO’s direct control.

Event Recap: Decentralization & Community

On Saturday, February 13 a community call took place inside the ZENZO Discord with special guests Hans Koning (DigiByte Foundation) and Bryan “Snappy” Doreian (PIVX). The call and discussion was focused around key topics of the importance of decentralization of community. The full call can be found here.

As a special gift for those that were in attendance, ZENZO gifted the “Pillars of Decentralization” ZFI. Inside the metadata of this item is the audio source for the complete call, unique art, and a 5 ZNZ-backed reserve value. This was an initiative to bring together great projects and people to discuss the ideals and values that have been the shared, underlying driving forces. As a token of appreciation and respect this ZFI was created and shared and all copies that are not claimed within the 2 week period will be smelted (burned).

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