ZENZO Monthly Report: March 2021

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6 min readApr 1, 2021

2021 is kicking off to an incredible start! Within the past month, ZENZO has officially released some major breakthroughs for blockchain gaming, including the first NFT Standard (ZFI-1) within the ZENZO Ecosystem. Since the release of the ZENZO Forge, there are now over 100 profiles on the network and growing daily. Other developers, projects, and ecosystems have been able to experiment with this technology — bringing adoption and accessibility that much closer into reality.

Additional important updates and events for March include: further development of the official ZFI Explorer (public explorer to track ZENZO NFTs and profiles), polishing of the ZENZO Web3 Wallet, The Checkpoint Level 14 with Gala Games, ZFI Claim Events (ZENZO 3 Year Anniversary, HIVE Blockchain 1 Year Anniversary, and The Checkpoint Level 14), and the first milestone of 100+ profiles on the ZENZO Forge.

ZENZO Core Development

ZENZO approaches a new chapter into the metaverse, with development of the ZENZO Web3 Wallet. This wallet is a web-based wallet that anyone can use around the world, even on mobile. It offers a simple, non-custodial alternative where the user has 100% ownership of their assets, wallet encryption, private key access, and customizable features.

Current Progress of the ZENZO Web3 Wallet

Progress and development can be tracked on the Official ZENZO GitHub, as it is entirely open-source. Future iterations are planned to include the integration of the ZENZO Forge, making the journey less frictionless and easier for both gamers and game developers. A web3 wallet extension (plugin), similar to MetaMask for Ethereum, is also being developed called Kamoshika (カモシカ), which will make the onboarding process even easier. Stay tuned for more information about the official release of Kamoshika (カモシカ).

Download the latest version, ZENZO Core v2.1.0 | Kiyori

Learn how to setup a ZNZ Masternode

Learn how to Cold Stake on the ZENZO Network

ZENZO Forge Development

Congratulations! The ZENZO Forge hit its first milestone with over 100 profiles created and over 1,000 ZFIs active on the network. This means that there are now over 100 people using the ZENZO Forge, as well as ~68,203.39 ZNZ locked in collateral for ZFIs. For those that registered and made a profile on the network and were one of the first 100, you were automatically rewarded the the “ZENZO 3 Year Anniversary” ZFI! (There were only 100 of these ZFIs crafted and no more will ever be created.)

ZENZO Forge Statistics and “ZENZO 3 Year Anniversary ZFI”

The ZENZO Forge and ZFIs were also used to create additional rewards for events like the HIVE 1 Year Anniversary and The Checkpoint Level 14. ZENZO intends to utilize ZFIs to help create additional value for all parties involved in events and campaigns — allies, guests, and attendees. At the time of this report, both forms are still open for registration.

HIVE User? Claim your rare HIVE Egg (ZFI)!

Download the latest version of the ZENZO Forge

With the release of the ZENZO Forge Demo, KOTA (King of the Apocalypse) is now available inside the application itself. It can be accessed in the “Game Manager” page on the left panel in the GUI. A beginner’s guide that breaks down a top-to-bottom approach of what all this technology is, does, and how to set it up was published, here.

Right now, all players and community members are highly encouraged to download the latest versions, test them out extensively, and share feedback. It is imperative that this technology goes through strenuous testing in order to test it capabilities and also see if there are any crippling bugs or critical areas for improvement. That is why the first soft-release is considered a demo — allowing for the community to get there hands on what has been talked about for sometime and also be involved and participate in development.

KOTA: King of the Apocalypse

ZENZO’s First Blockchain Game

King of the Apocalypse, also referred to as KOTA, is the first ZENZO Forge Tech Demo that will showcase the benefits, features, and possibilities of the new era for blockchain gaming. KOTA is a post-apocalyptic, FPS survival game that will first start out with a campaign mode and already in discussions for a multiplayer mode. The ZENZO Team has decided that much of KOTA will be community-driven project, where people with all different backgrounds and skills can have some influence on the direction of KOTA.

The first public release will be a limited testing phase, known as “Early Access”, and only 50 players will be able to join for this release. Don’t worry, if you don’t make the cut, you will be able to join for the Alpha Release. The ZENZO Team is looking for players with both passion and experience in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and gaming. Passionate players that want to be involved in game development, without being developers or programmers, this is for you!

>> Sign up for Early Access

> Register for the KOTA Newsletter

Want to stay up to date with KOTA’s development and releases?
Join the ZENZO Discord and go to the #🔥-Forge Channel and signup for the KOTA Newsletter!

The Checkpoint Level 14

The e-series, called “The Checkpoint”, was officially launched on November 16th, 2019, where ZENZO creates discussions and demos around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming. For the month of March, Jason Brink aka “BitBender” from Gala Games joined as the special guest. BitBender shared about developments, updates, as well as some unseen, public demos in the Gala Games Ecosystem. After the discussions and demos, there were opportunities for the viewers to ask their questions to BitBender, as well as earn some epic prizes. There were well over 4 ETH worth of Mirandus prizes distributed and also 1,000 ZNZ to the grand prize winner. To take things even further, BitBender’s suggestion to get more viewers and people to participate in the marbles races , he suggested that 1 tree would be planted on behalf of Gala Games for every person who entered the game/giveaway!

Read more here

🎬Watch the full event below!

Stay Tuned For The Checkpoint Level 15!

The Checkpoint: Level 15 is currently being planned and the official date has yet to be decided, but it will be towards the end of April. Watch for news and updates regarding who the special guest will be and what all you can expect. As always, the ZENZO Team is open to feedback from the community: what you want to see, talk about, review, and discuss. If you have any comments on what you would like to see at the next Checkpoint event, go to the ZENZO Discord and comment in the #💫-the-checkpoint channel.

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