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7 min readJun 1, 2021

As the month of May ends, ZENZO is now making a big shift to focus more in the realm of indie games. With this new pivot, much of the recent development with the ZENZO Forge will be shared with indie game developers looking to experiment more with the benefits of blockchain, as well as player-owned assets. By refining the integration of necessary blockchain components, game developers will be able to simply apply the technology and tools where they want to, to best fit their strategy. This by no means limits the technology to solely indie games or even just games, but there is a dedicated, new initiative to help educate, integrate, and empower. From the experience of the team, indie game developers have quite the reputation for being some of the most passionate game developers, die-hard gamers, and remaining close with their community. These are many shared values that ZENZO respects and supports, as well as being indie game developers.

Additional important updates and events for May include: new Trittium Block Explorer, ZNZ accepted on MCM Marketplace, ZENZO and PIVX Alliance Art Auction, ZENZO Forge Full Node Guides, and KOTA Early Access development.

ZENZO Core Development

ZENZO approaches a new chapter into the metaverse, with development of the ZENZO Web3 Wallet. This wallet is a web-based wallet that anyone can use around the world, even on mobile. It offers a simple, non-custodial alternative where the user has 100% ownership of their assets, wallet encryption, private key access, and customizable features.

Progress and development can be tracked on the Official ZENZO GitHub, as it is entirely open-source. Future iterations are planned to include the integration of the ZENZO Forge, making the journey less frictionless and easier for both gamers and game developers. A web3 wallet extension (plugin), similar to MetaMask for Ethereum, is also being developed called Kamoshika (カモシカ), which will make the onboarding process even easier. Stay tuned for more information about the official release of Kamoshika (カモシカ).

Download the latest version, ZENZO Core v2.1.0 | Kiyori

Learn how to setup a ZNZ Masternode

Learn how to Cold Stake on the ZENZO Network

ZENZO Forge Development

The month of May was spent troubleshooting minor bugs and issues on the network to improve stability and connection. The ZENZO Forge network now has 125 profiles on the network, over 1,200 ZFIs, and close to 70,000 ZNZ locked in collateral, backing ZFIs. Additionally, official ZENZO Forge Items are being distributed through official campaigns, for those who apply and are eligible.

ZENZO Forge Seed Nodes

To help improve the network connection and reduce issues with synchronization, ZENZO has officially released two guides that are available in both English and Japanese. Like most networks, the more active nodes there are online, the more stable and efficient it will be. The two guides released are now available for both beginners and intermediate/experts. At the moment, running a ZENZO Forge Node does not provide block rewards (similar to the ZENZO Blockchain), as the ZENZO Forge Network is not a blockchain. The team is looking for an optimal way to implement positive incentives to encourage the expansion of the network.

For those that are interested in contributing and translating into different languages, join the ZENZO Discord and share in the #forge-help channel. More information is available on the official ZENZO GitHub.

Download the latest version of the ZENZO Forge

With the release of the ZENZO Forge Demo, KOTA (King of the Apocalypse) is now available inside the application itself. It can be accessed in the “Game Manager” page on the left panel in the GUI. A beginner’s guide that breaks down a top-to-bottom approach of what all this technology is, does, and how to set it up was published, here.

Right now, all players and community members are highly encouraged to download the latest versions, test them out extensively, and share feedback. It is imperative that this technology goes through strenuous testing in order to test it capabilities and also see if there are any crippling bugs or critical areas for improvement. That is why the first soft-release is considered a demo — allowing for the community to get there hands on what has been talked about for sometime and also be involved and participate in development.

💀KOTA: King of the Apocalypse

ZENZO’s First Blockchain Game

King of the Apocalypse, also referred to as KOTA, is the first ZENZO Forge Tech Demo that will showcase the benefits, features, and possibilities of the new era for blockchain gaming. KOTA is a post-apocalyptic, FPS survival game that will first start out with a campaign mode and already in discussions for a multiplayer mode. The ZENZO Team has decided that much of KOTA will be community-driven project, where people with all different backgrounds and skills can have some influence on the direction of KOTA.

The first public release will be a limited testing phase, known as “Early Access”, and only 50 players will be able to join for this release. Don’t worry, if you don’t make the cut, you will be able to join for the Alpha Release. The ZENZO Team is looking for players with both passion and experience in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and gaming. Passionate players that want to be involved in game development, without being developers or programmers, this is for you!

>> Sign up for Early Access

> Register for the KOTA Newsletter

Want to stay up to date with KOTA’s development and releases?
Join the ZENZO Discord and go to the #🔥-Forge Channel and signup for the KOTA Newsletter!

🌸 ZENZO Chan Art Contest “Spring Theme”

Since the launch of the ZENZO Chan Art Contest “Spring Theme”, there have been a good amount of submissions that have all been shared on Twitter. Thanks to the ZENZO community, the prize pool has been updated with several generous contributions by ゆっきー, Oleg, waon, adara, Mr. Robot, mahouneko. The final cut off date to submit entries is June 21st. If you are interested in learning more about the event, you can read the rules and guidelines on the official announcement.

Updated Prize Pool

🏆 Grand Prizes (Updated)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

🥇 First Place: 5,000 ZNZ

🥈 Second Place: 3,100 ZNZ

🥉 Third Place: 1,600 ZNZ

ZENZO Chan Art Submissions by Kasomaneeeeee, Bitconusi, and 杞憂

ZENZO + PIVX Alliance Art Auction

This event was organized on behalf of PIVX, ZENZO, and Strontium in order to create a fun way for the community to own pieces of both PIVX and ZENZO history. All proceeds generated were divided equally to support both projects’ development and the artist Strontium. The official auctions lasted for 1 week, where bids were placed in the ZENZO Discord (#zfi-marketplace). Special thanks to the artist, Strontium, for inspiring this event with his PIVX and ZENZO-related art ZFIs. Read more about the full event, here.

Artwork by Strontium

Thanks to the Trittium team and platform, ZNZ is now listed on another block explorer for the public. It is always beneficial to be able to cross-check and verify that your wallet is on the correct chain. You can visit the ZENZO Discord (#🔗-official-links channel) to see all of the active block explorers for ZENZO, as well as the primary explorer: https://explorer.zenzo.io/.

ZNZ Accepted on MCM Martetplace

The ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) can now be used to purchase a wide range of physical goods on the MCM Marketplace. For network contributors earning rewards, that ZNZ can be used to purchase some new computer gear, hardware, and much more. Check out the complete marketplace and what all is available, here.

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