ZENZO + PIVX Alliance Art Auction

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5 min readMay 15, 2021

Auction Period: Sunday May 16th — Sunday May 23rd
Event Location: ZENZO Discord (Voice Channel)
Event Time: Sunday, May 23, 2021
- 1 pm CST (USA)
- 7 pm BST (UK)

Overview of Event

This event was organized on behalf of PIVX, ZENZO, and Strontium in order to create a fun way for the community to own pieces of both PIVX and ZENZO history. All proceeds generated will be divided equally to support both projects’ development and the artist Strontium. The official auction(s) will last for 1 week, where anyone can place official bids in the ZENZO Discord (#zfi-marketplace). Bids will only be accepted in the cryptocurrency PIVX.

🍻 Join the community and hangout for the final hour!

Guidelines (How To Participate)

Auctions will begin on May 16th at 2 pm (CST) in the ZENZO Discord Channel (#zfi-marketplace). Bids are to be placed in the PIVX Coin and latest bids will be updated in that channel within the pinned post. In order to make the process easier for organizers, it is recommend to “reply” to the latest and highest bid with your higher bid. At the end of the event, the highest bidders on each of the Pivvys will be DMed by the ZENZO Team to confirm details, both PIVX payment and ZENZO Forge Profile Username.

FundRaise, Change, & Instant

Who is Pivvy?

“The idea for Pivvy is of a typical double identity hero, serving as a police officer/investigator with a secret ‘private’ identity. She can be rather silly, unaware that she’s short, and if you look closely a couple of the images show she’s not too understanding of how mirrors work either. The design of Pivvy was inspired by the styles of earlier manga artists like Osamu Tezuka, as I quite like those styles that are a little rougher with the proportions and consistency but have a unique expressive charm due to it.” — Strontium

Love, Pivvy, Protect

Artist Spotlight: Strontium

Strontium is an artist and designer well-known in the blockchain space for his contributions to projects like PIVX, VEIL, and several others.

“I’ve drawn as a hobby since I was old enough to hold a crayon, but it’s never been my bread and butter as I like leaving it as an escape. I enjoy tackling different styles, though I find I really enjoy pixel art, animation, and digital paintings that take far too long to complete. Also, everyone should read Berserk and at least check out the art of Vagabond.” — Strontium

Follow him on Social Media: Twitter, Medium, RedBubble

Receive, Secure, & Send


ZENZO Forge Items (ZFIs) are non-fungible tokens in the ZENZO Ecosystem. They are created on the ZENZO Forge, which is a metadata network that allows for blockchain scalability and securely bypasses a lot of the well-known bottlenecks with blockchain like unreasonable fees and slow confirmation times. Learn more about ZFIs and the first NFT Standard in the ZENZO Ecosystem, the ZFI-1.

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zPivvy, Shield, & ZENZO Chan

🎁Bonus: ZENZO Chan ZFI

As an additional gift, the one of a kind ZENZO Chan ZFI will be distributed to the highest bidder amongst the 11 released Pivvys. For example, if 10 of the Pivvys have a 100 PIVX bid each and someone bids 101 on “zPivvy”, that bidder will receive both zPivvy and ZENZO Chan.

🎁Bonus: Alliance Sigil ZFI

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

To truly celebrate the PIVX + ZENZO Alliance, ZENZO will also be distributing official “Alliance Sigil” ZFIs to each one of the winning bidders. There will be a total supply of 11 Alliance Sigil ZFIs that will ever be crafted.

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